Thursday, 29 March 2012

she's very horny!!!

what the hell is it with sex....5 minutes more goes by in what feels like 30 seconds,
and still you just cant seem to ever get enough of it,

its been 3/4 times a day for weeks and i still want more!

yes I'm a girl and that sounds like a guys comment to make....
but hello...girls wont say it,
girls can also be horny...super horny! i mean sure they not gonna say 'omg i love sex so much' as her next status update...but boys...she wants you to give it to her!

quote 'feeling horny is kind of like hunger. after you experience it, you want more and more, until you reach orgasm'...yip she wont say she wants it but she wants you to make her scream.

remember to turn her on, rub her parts,inner thighs,back,boobs and grab that but, start off slow...its more sexy

super horny?

maybe I'm just an insatiable girl...

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the thrill

what is it about public places and naughty things

the change rooms in a store,
in a car outside,
at a party,
in the dunes the beach,
in a club,
a pool,
in a taxi cab,
the cinema,
or on plane...

there are so many more,
some are actually extremely dirty and gross,
some slightly romantic,
but all are oh-so thrilling

just to think people walk past not knowing,
carrying on with ordinary daily things,
while u up against a wall,
getting hot and steamy,
doing things so good,
you wanna shout...

sounds good right...

maybe I'm just an insatiable girl...

us girls

how could you possibly say no to her guys....
or her...
or her....

cuz lets face it,
us girls are sexy:P

in the morning...

what is it about sex in the morning,

you should be grumpy and bad breathe and maybe you had a shitty nights sleep,

maybe we more horny

it just seems like its just always so dam good,


you can never seem to get enough and when the alarm goes and you know you need to get up and shower...

you don't want to stop,
so you take it to the shower...

and you leave for work feeling a lil tired but feeling so so so dam GOOD

maybe I'm just an insatiable girl...

Monday, 26 March 2012

just a teaser


maybe i'll try it

why do guys find lesbians to be such a turn on...

i mean i can get it...

seeing a girl kissing another girl is way hotter than a guy kissing that girl right?

one is sitting on the others lap,
cleavage showing,
legs open,
the other one runs her hands up the inside of her thighs,
as she kisses her neck,
grinding on each other...

because you can imagine you with one or even both of them later...

well that's if you lucky  :P

i haven't tried the whole lesbian scene yet...

maybe im just an insatiable girl...

turn on

why can us girls can turn guys on so dam easily!

 he says" no there isn't enough time for that we need to get ready for tonight"

push him up against the wall,
a little bit of kissing,
running ur hands up his chest,
grabbing his hair,
rub up against him,
maybe bite his bottom lip softly,
start undo-ing his zip...

and BAM suddenly you get exactly what you want

an then you rush to get ready on time,
but it was so worth it,
and he is so happpy he never said no,

its way to easy,

i never get tired of how easy it is,

maybe im just an insatiable girl...